SWISS MEADOWS 100% Grassfed Raw Milk Cheeses

Why 100% Grassfed, Raw Milk Cheese?

Cheese produced from 100% grassfed milk is yellower in color as a result of the higher beta-carotene concentrations because of the cows grazing on pasture. 100% grassfed milk also has a higher amount of creaminess, appearance, flavor, and color. In recent years, the popularity of 100% grassfed dairy products has increased due to the consumer's desire for healthy, natural, and sustainable food. Raw milk cheese must be aged for 60 days before it is sold to consumers. This is because as the cheese matures, the salts and acids found in raw milk cheese begin killing harmful bacteria. While pasteurization denatures enzymes and kills beneficial bacteria, raw milk cheese allows the good bacteria to remain intact giving a wholesome, nutritious source of food!

Pasture Raised

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